What is the T-ANGO project?

The onset of COVID 19 has had multiple impacts across a range of sectors in our community including business, tourism, development, health and education.

The T-ANGO project is an initiative of the Angaston Community Business Alliance and supported by Foundation Barossa.

Through this project we want to get our community talking. Even though there is still uncertainty we want to build knowledge, reflect, utilise collective brain power and community engagement to work on recovery options for our local community.

The TANGO project will build community and business cohesiveness to develop and pursue innovative strategies for the COVID response and recovery in Angaston.

Through the project there will be 4-6 T-ANGO table sessions where community members can join in to discuss BIG picture topics for our town.

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Want to join the T-ANGO Table?

Register your interest to be involved in a T-ANGO session here. The T-ANGO Table sessions will be held on weekdays between 12-1.30pm during June and July. Participants will be asked to join the table session in line with their areas of interest and availability.
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    We want people who are passionate about Angaston around the T-ANGO table. What are the top 3 areas that you are interested and/or involved in?